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    Bungay School of Motoring was established in 1963, by the founder George Pickering. George built up this driving school from nothing to a very successful small business,which consisted of 3 driving school cars,3 mini buses and 2 cars which were contracted to service the local schools picking up children taken them to and from school. It also had an office in Beccles where a phone was manned, taking new bookings for pupils,as this was the time before answer machines, email and the mobile phone.

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  • Bungay School of Motoring

    Ray Rookyard took over in 1995 when George decided to retire.Ray had been working in the Police Force riding motorcycles and driving patrol cars.Ray kept up the good work building the business until deciding to go part-time in 2005 where Simon Playford took over. Simon had been working in Ipswich and Norwich for another driving school before being offered the business. In 2012 Simon was awarded a check test grade 6 which is the highest grade which can be achieved, and only 6% of the 43,000 U.K Driving Instructors hold.

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    Simon has just passed his Betec Level 4 in Driver coaching ,which is a new way of teaching people to drive with the emphasis more on client centred learning. So now in 2015 Simon of Bungay School Of Motoring will continue to provide a service for the local community, which Bungay School Of Motoring has done for the last 50 Years! Drive safely - Simon

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We take you right from the basics of car control ,to more demanding road systems. Every lesson is pre-planned for every pupil. As every pupil has different needs, and every pupil learns at a different rate and speed. No two pupils are the same. Let Simon ease the pressure of learning to drive in a relaxed comfortable atmosphere as we will make it an enjoyable experience for you, male or female, young or old, it doesn`t matter. We look forward to hearing from you, please call the freephone number or use this website to contact us.

Plus Pass

Once you have been successful passing your driving test,why not embark on a Pass Plus course. The Pass Plus course is designed to further your driving knowledge The course will help to build upon your new driving skills you achieved to pass your L test.It will help to improve on awareness,different kinds of hazards,how to plan and anticipate what is happening ahead, on busy roads.Also you may be entitled to a discount on your car insurance. The Pass Plus course is made up of 6 modules.Which at least 1 hour must be spent on each module,so the total course will take at least 6 hours to complete.

Plus Pass

  • Module 1{part one} introduction-Explains the Pass Plus syllabus,the key elements of course.
  • Module 1{part two} Town Driving.
  • Module 2 all-weather driving.
  • Module 3 out of town,driving & rural roads.
  • Module 4 night driving
  • Module 5 dual carriage ways.
  • Module 6 motorways.

You will be assessed on all of the above.There is no test at the end of the course,just helpful advice on how you could improve your driving throughout your modules.after completing the course you will receive a certificate from the DSA ,which can then be used with most participating insurance companies who are in the pass plus scheme to a discount on your car insurance.Most insurers will give you one years , no claims discount for insuring your own car. This course is aimed at new drivers, in there first year of driving after passing there test, how ever anyone can take it,could be a refresher for some motorists! If you passed your test more than a year ago,you should check with your insurance company whether you will still be eligible for discounts before taking part in pass plus. For more details,price etc email BungaySchool of Motoring Bungay School of Motoring.

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Bungay School of Motoring

I have trained hundreds of young and mature students to drive on our nations roads. By using new methods I have studied for over the year of 2014 I am now able to teach every student, in the way they want to learn, by taking into account their own personal thoughts and feelings and beliefs. I can then tailor each lesson to each student in a way which helps them achieve their own personal goals in driver education and safe driving for life!

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I am married to Terri, and have two lovely sons Jack and Joe.I was born in Beccles and have stayed local. My interests are music, playing in bands in Beccles and London and having the honour supporting some of my childhood hero's over the years, Bands and artists like The Selecter,Bad Manners,Dave Barker,Desmond Dekker and The Skatalites. I have played all over the UK, Germany, Belguim, Sweden and Ireland. I also like sport in general with football being my favourite sport. I really do enjoy my job. I get a real buzz when my students start from humble beginnings, to see them grow to responsible road users and passing their Driving Test, their ultimate personal Goal! So if you would like me to teach you to drive,or would like further information. Please feel free to contact me!

Bungay School of Motoring Major Winners

Just a few of the wonderful people I have taught and trained to pass the Car Test.

Another good year for Bungay School motoring.
I would like to thank all my students who have taken their Driving Tests this year! Hoping 2016 will be another successful year!

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